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Centro de inovação

O nosso entro de inovação está focado na identificação de desafios futuros de capital humano e I&D de soluções inovadoras para indústrias de alta intensidade tecnológica.


Garantimos o alinhamento entre as necessidades setoriais e a investigação em capital humano, interligando a academia e a indústria. 

Fazendo parte de várias associações setoriais como o Fórum Oceano e a EACP -

European Aeroespacial Cluster Partnership, onde somos co-líderes do Working Group Skills trabalhamos numa rede colaborativa com um grande conhecimento e experiência nestas indústrias para:

Somos co-líderes do Working Group Skills. trabalhamos numa rede colaborativa com um grande conhecimento e experiência



▪  I&D Recursos Humanos

▪  Projetos e estudos setoriais
▪  Inovação Social
▪  Desenvolvimento de competências

Projetos internacionais



The present project aim is to build curricula and training modules around two specific sets of soft skills development, namely Social Competencies, Character-Building Skills and Personal Development skills, which should provide a base to make relevant positive choices and decisions leading to level-headedness and wholeheartedness workers.



This project aims to develop and implement innovative career paths in the aviation sector, matching curricular and vocational programs, ensuring a better transition between education and industry.



The objective of the project PARE – Perspectives for Aeronautical Research in Europe is to supervise the achievement of the Flightpath 2050 goals while strengthening cooperation in aviation research between the stakeholders of EU Member States and Associated Countries.



This project aims to develop, transfer and apply innovative practices in the aeronautical learning area, and to promote the attractiveness for the aeronautical sector in the schools.



MATES’ objective is to develop a skills strategy that addresses the main drivers of change in the maritime industry, in particular shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. Both sectors are strongly linked and require new capacities to succeed in an increasingly digital, green and knowledge driven economy.


HiP Air

HiPAir is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme. The project aims to identify and reduce human resource management gaps in Aviation SMEs, focusing on High Performance Work Practices (HPWP).


QSR Internationalization


Raise international competitiveness; business prospects, improving visibility to potential international partners and customers, exploring new partnerships and leveraging R & D capacity.



This project assesses technological advances, business configurations and value chains in modern aeronautics. Its main goal is to understand and contribute to the creation and evolution of an aeronautics cluster in Portugal, securing the role of Portuguese firms as centres of excellence in aeronautics.

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